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    Lagging legs!!!!

    Guy's i need help on my lagging legs. The wheels just dont grow like my upper body.
    Age: 36
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 237
    Bf- 21% (i know)
    Arms:18 1/2
    Thighs: 25 1/2
    Calves: 16 1\2
    I'm looking for a good bulk building leg work out. This is my current one.
    Leg Ext. 3x10
    seated calves 3 x 15-20
    Leg curls 3 x 10
    donkey calves 3 X 15-20
    leg press 3 x 8-10
    I'm on a seafood diet, i see it i eat it. thats something else im working on. I would love to see some leg workouts from hard gainers. Thanks for the help.

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    im not the most experienced lifter, but almost every source reccomends 4 *6 instead of 3 * 10. thats what ronnie coleman reccomends and does himself. and make sure you do leg press first, you should always do ur compund muscle exercise first, i.e. squats or leg press

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    Here's my typical leg workout

    2-3 warm-up sets of squat 12-15 reps each, 135lb, 225lb, 315lb
    4-5 heavy as you can go sets reps 8,6,6,4, 405lb, 455lb, 475lb, 500lb
    leg extension 3 sets of 8
    leg curls 4 sets of 8
    calves 4 sets 15

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    go with what flexgolf said, compound movements first unless you're doing preexhaustion which i don't think you're doing

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    South Jersey and HATING I
    Everyone has a workout and everyone will give you different ideas, I was doing what Big T was doing for a while...
    20 x 135 /225/ 15x 275 315x15 365x10/12 405 x 8/10
    I would do that for press/hack/extensions romandian deads/curls..
    Now I'm trying Dorians ideas or a modified H.I.T.
    bike 10mins then leg extension 2 warm up sets for 20 and 15 then 1 max till failure, by your 2nd set at 15 your legs are swole! it's all very slow methodical FORM 1ST movements.
    Squats (very slow and VERY low) = 135 -20, 225- 15 , 315 - 12, 365 - 8(failure)
    press 3 sets 2 warm up 1 failure
    hacks 3 sets 2 warm up 1 failure

    Rom. Deads 3 sets 2 wu 1 failure at 225 or so
    curls 2 wu 1 failure
    standing calf 3 2 wu 1 fail.

    I've noticed in the week or so since I've started very very exhausting and wore workouts. It's great! I'll do this for 2 or so months then revert back to what Big T's doing and then move back to H.I.T. cycle my workouts for and destroy my fibers!

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    I'm pretty interested in what you guy's are putting up on this one. My legs have been a big sticking point for me so I've backed off upper body a bit to focus on the legs. Been hitting them twice a week for almost a year now with some pretty good results.

    1. 15-25 mins run for warm up
    2. Squats 215/15, 315/10-12, 375/8-6, 404/6-4
    every other week I do squats "out of the hole" dead bottom to start but I can't go as heavy, legs give out around 300.
    3. leg press 3 sets
    4. Step ups holding DB's in each hand. 65lbs/10, 70/10, 75/10.
    5. leg ext. 3 sets

    I switch things around each week and I keep the rest breaks under a minute, except for squats. I hit ham's on the second workout.

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    BRO u got to squat man, real squats to parrellel, i see so many fuckin guys in the gym doin these half squats...SHIT dont do anything for u, squats, even front squats will help...

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    I do half squats superseted with horizonal leg press. I hurt my back doing sqauts (full) about a month ago and have been reluctant to do them ever since.

    I still don't feel as good as doing full squats though. My problem is I think that I can just get that one more squat, and thats when my back gives out. I get half way up and instead of quitting I keep going.

    It suck having a bad back.

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