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    Question am i overtraining?

    people are telling me i should work a muscle group once a week. but if i have to wait a week to rebuild, doesnt it seem like i am overtraining? if i do a very intense chest and tri workout i can work myself to the point where i am rebuilt in just about a week. but should i work that hard? if i shouldnt train that it safe to say that i can work chest and tris less intensely twice week? basically, should i blast myself in the gym and wait a week to rebuild, or work out less intensely and twice a week? my goal is bodybuilding, specifically bulking.

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    We can't really tell you that you are or are not overtraining... only your own body can tell you that. It takes some time and experience, but you will learn to listen to your body.

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    If ur lookin to bulk and u r into body building 1 muscle every 6 days...That is the standard regement...I use to play college football and we did legs, back bis, chest shoulders tris, weds off, legs, back bis, chest shoulders tris, that was for College football not body building...UR muscle needs six days of rest..I did a lot of research on this and as far as body building goes 1 body part every six days..

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