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Thread: rotator cuff

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    rotator cuff

    well im pretty pissed off... I just got over a wrist inj. about 2 and half month ago. I went from 175 14%body fat to 159 13% body fat.(my buddies a trainer so he tests me when ever i want). after recovering i start workin out again and dieting i got to 166 10% body fat, i was doin real good gettin ready for summer, but now i messed up my shoulder and im gonna look like shit all summer. There not a 100% because it was so brused at the first MRI but he said its ethier torn rotator Cuff or torn Cartilage. I got another MRI saterday but i couldnt get a 2nd check up with the sport med docter till thursday.
    I just wanted to ask have any of u torn ur rotator cuff or cartilage? and if so how was the surgery(pain, recovery time, and how does it feel after its heal?)


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    I've never had that kind of injury but a friend had torn his and had the surgery and the doc told him his shoulder would be stronger than it was before the injury once it healed if that's true I'm not sure.

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