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    hey everyone, I'm new to the boards.

    Hey everyone,
    My name's Allen and I'm new to the boards. The reason I chose this board was because I was used to visiting this other board *you may be able to guess which one it was* and even though tons of people frequent that board, there is hardly any decent info there. There was so much bullshit that it was just getting too hard to deal with, so I came to this board. I have just recently been back into bodybuilding, I was working out off and on for about 5 years, then only seriously bodybuilding for the past 3 years, then I have been out of it for a long while *nearly a year* for personal reasons. However, I am definitely excited about getting back into the game and finally competing like I always wanted to. I have been navigating the site for some time now and must say that I am much more impressed with this board than the other that I was accustomed to. Maybe this will leave some room for a lot more motivation If you wanna know more about me or just wanna chat, I'll be on here or you can IM me at KappaKracker69. Hope this will be a good experience for me!
    Thanks all,

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    welcome to the AR brotha

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    Welcome will definitly learn alot here bro.

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    561 all the important threads at the beginning of each forum. sooo many other newbies are fuckin up.

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    READ READ READ, I swear i read for 3 months on this board before i even posted.

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