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    Double Chin?????

    This girl pointed out that when i bend my head down it looks sorta like i have a double chin...and that i'm gonna get one when i'm i know this is sorta weird...but is there anyway to work that out? i mean...i know all the exercises for other parts of your body...but i really dont feel like having a double chin when i'm older...and the worst part is i'm pretty slim! Would Neck Extensions (or whatever you call them when you put that helmet type thing on that has a weight attached and lower and raise your neck) work????? I know this is a odd question...just seeing if anyone had some advice....thanks!

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    Bro, I think a lot of people have that when they look down. It's extra skin along with a little fat. Nothing you can really do about it. Why are you so concerned about how you look when you are older. When she says older, hopefully she's meaning like 70 when you're skin is all loose anyways. You can get some plastic surgery done if you're that concerned about it.

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    actually, there is something you can do about it and not ALL people have it. try doing some cardio and loosing some excess fat. and if you're skinny, try working out & putting on some muscle mass. that way, she won't give a shit about your double chin cuz your biceps will be 20" and your man boobs be poking her in the eye.

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    Plastic surgery is the only exercise for that. Just look at Jack LaLane. The guy is in wicked shape for 80 something (he's lost his friggen mind though) but he's got the old turkey neck think going on.

    I personally fee that geriatrics is going to improve so much that those little things we're afraid of will be gone. Plus I'll be on so much GH I'll have skin like a baby.

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