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    Question Workout Routine Queries

    Sex: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 175 lbs

    After a few months off due to a broken forearm, I have recently started Resistance Training again to build up lost muscle, along with cardio to drop the bodyfat gained. I am currently doing my upper body weights on a Monday and Friday, and my legs on a Wednesday.

    My upper body routine consists of:
    Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Front Lat Pulldowns, Bench Dips, Overhead Tricep Rows, Hammer Curls, Very Light Dumbell Curls, Ab Crunches.

    My Legs routine consists of:
    Hack Squat, Leg Press, Leg Curl (Quads), Leg Curl (Hamstrings), Calf Raises, Ab Crunches.

    My main query is, should I be doing full upper body workouts twice a week, as I am at the moment, or should I split my routine up so that I am only training the major upper body muscles once a week???

    I would like to continue with 2 arm workouts a week if at all possible, as the number of different exercises I can do are pretty limited due to my injury.

    Also, if there is anything that I am missing in my workouts, please advise.


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    i have never sustained an injury like yours but if you feel up to it, and theres no pain.there shouldnt be a problem with going twice a week.
    but that does seem like a bit much for one training session, i'd split it up
    performing a push pull routine.since your comming back from an injury be extra careful brotha and take things easy. good luck

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    i sorta agree with young wun. because u were injured and are trying to regain lost muscle this is what i would a muscle group once a week. here is an example split(i dont think u should do as much as u want in one day)

    wed: legs

    -these are just examples, but most people who bulk, or try to add a lot of muscle, only work a muscle group once a week. since u were just injured, i would not start out doin very intense workouts. but gradually work ur way up to a level of intensity u feel comfortable with. i used to do a similar workout scheme that u want to do...but after several reccomendations i went to a split like the ones above. and there a serveral split types out there, do a search for split or routine. best of luck

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