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    Question Question re: "Pump"

    So I have been training for many years, and just started my first cycle 2 weeks ago. I'm getting the most incredible pumps EVER! I know this is common, and I LOVE it! My question is...Do you grow from the piump? My typical workout has be doing ascending sets to failure...but if I descend...thats when the killer pump comes. I'd love to shhot for the mega pump on every exercise, but am not sure it is as productive s it feels. Did it word this clearly? Hmmmmm

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    Just my .02! You dont grow from the pumps! Filling your muscle with blood is not what makes you grow. You could flex you arm with no weight involved and get a "pump" If it were that easy I could sit at home and pump away with no weight involved. The resistence invloved is another thing. How you train each muscle ie.. number of reps, speed of contraction both concentric and ecentric, frequency, dieting, genetics, stretching, various types of resistence training forms ( to many to list ) All play a role in developing your muscle.

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