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    Pyramiding, question...

    sup guys.. my lifting partner has insisted we start pyramiding on practically every exercise cause some massive dude suggested doing it.. so we're doin it w/ chest tris bis shoulders back and legs... so basically everything...

    i've done some searching on the board already but couldn't find an answer to the question...

    so what i'm asking is, what exactly will this accomplish in terms of my goal of gaining more mass, and strength...


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    for some they find it effective for others not ,
    some use it when they reach a plateau
    its a gradual increase in weight when i can prepare for the following set
    say you curl 120 for 6reps, then 125 for 4 then 130 for two
    you'll be using fibers that you havent ever stimulated before
    the more you stimulate the better. so its a safe way to build up to a max poundage. its like the overload principle keep challenging yourself, so the fibers are stimulated. which lead to increased size of the fiber.

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    That is all I ever do. For one reason is becuase I don't keep a journal so I just start out with something I know won't be to heavy then move up till I hit failure for the second 2 sets. I normally finish off a set of four doing 1-4 reps hitting failure.

    When I start I go no higher than 8 reps. The first set is normally a warmup set. 4-5 sets total. I do this for all muscles as well. 4-5 sets per muscle.

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