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    Strange routine that's working for me

    I'm mid cycle on a deca /test kickstarted with dbol . I've just started back into lifting a couple of months ago after a 3 year stoppage. In my past cycles several years ago, my legs and shoulders always lagged behind and my arms and back seemed out of proportion on the larger side. Keep in mind I'm going more for a moderate size rather than a competitive one. I decided this time to skip arms altogether since they'll be indirectly worked on shoulder, chest, and back day. I also decided to go to a 3 day on 2 day off schedule to get more rest than in the past. Since my legs were lagging I decided to take hams and put them on back day starting them at the end of my back working right after deads. That allowed me to focus more on the rest of my legs without overtraining.

    It's been working great for me. My shoulders are finally caught up... my legs are growing properly... I'm in better proportion and have a better look than I ever have had in the past.

    It's kind of funny though. I would never have thought skipping a body part altogether would be beneficial to me.


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    Well like you said you are not going for competition so if that helps improve the way you look than deffinatly a good routine. But i mean competition looks for proportion so maybe you have a chance now .

    Well good luck on your routine but i would still throw in arms everyonce and again so they dont start to atrophy.

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