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    am i switching up my work out to much?

    Latly i have been changing up my workouts every week,
    i have a WEEK A and WEEK B workouts.

    for example week A i will do barbell workout , and week B i will do dumbells,

    I have been at a platuea for a while , so i was wondering , what do u guys think i should do ? should i stick to my Week A workout for a few weeks then switch up to week B to shock my muscles.

    also how often should i switch , i was think 3 weeks doing workout A then switch to 3 weeks doing workout B, what do u guys think.

    well give me some advice , and let me know how u guys switch your workouts up. thanks

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    six times at a given workout then i'll switch it up
    you still can plateau if you been alternating from your a-b workouts
    you body just got used to it now, try sticking with the "a" or "b" routine for more than a single week. you have the right idea of trying 3weeks, anything that is different from what your doing now, is what you need

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    you probably need new exercises to do altogether

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