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    Unhappy My workout routine is pretty bad, tips please?

    Hi, ive been doing a routine for a while, and it works ok, but not the best. here is what i usually do

    monday: biceps/shoulders
    tuesday: chest/tricepts
    wednesday: rest
    thursday: repeat monday
    friday: repeat tuesday
    saturday: day off

    and the cycle is like that

    I want to work abs, cardio, and back into it too, what do you suggest? But not that much cardio because I play hockey a lot.

    Also, ive been having protein shakes and thats good and all, but is there anything else thats better and safe? Im going to grad school in Miami, gotta look real good for the ladies ;-)


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    hope this helps

    yes you definitely need some help with your routine, you can use this one if you like, if not you can just take some pointers from it, i noticed your not working your legs.. try this

    mon - chest, tri, abs
    tues- biceps, forearms, abs
    rest wed
    thurs - shoulders, back, abs
    fri- thighs, ass, calvs, abs
    rest weekend

    the reason i do it this way is because i used to workout some body parts 2 times a week...chest tri's..etc and i learned i need to give my body more time to rest...give your body 7 to 8 days to rest each body part you should also include some creatine an hour before workouts, glutamine after workouts,and vitamins EVERYDAY into your supplement intake...

    give it a try dude:
    and after your workout, do maybe 10-12 min of cardio<==not including your warmup
    protein sources would be shakes, tuna, chicken in cans, chicken breast, turkey..etc...make a sandwhich with wheat bread, nice selection of low fat meats, and just a little something of flavor if you want...mayo(just a lil)..etc

    try to keep protein intake high, carbs high and fat low....and eat light before you sleep, cuz whatever you eat before you sleep will probably just get stored and turned into fat.

    good luck dude!!
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    Hi, thanks a bunch for the tips.

    I dont want to spend a lot on supplements and stuff, ive been taking optimum nutrition whey protein which works ok, is there anything out there that combines protein + creatine in 1 that wont kill my wallet?

    Thanks a bunch, ill have to try it when im home after my college graduation tomorrow.


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    You NEED to workout your legs!!! Use heavy weight and compound movements. Use as little machines as possibe!

    Mon - Chest... Bench, Incline DB's, and dpis/flies or something
    Tues - Legs... Squat, Leg Press, stiff leg deads, leg curls, seated and standing calf raises.
    Wed - Back... Deadlifts, pull ups, T bar Rows
    Thurs - Shoulders... Front military press, shrugs, lateral raises, rear raises
    Fri - Arms... barbell curls, one arm curls, close grip bench, french curls
    Sat, Sun - Off

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    Day 1 - Chest/Shoulders/Upper Abs/Cardio
    Day 2 - Back/Hams/Lower Abs/Cardio
    Day 3 - Bi's/Tri's/Forearms/Calves
    Day 4 - Rest
    Day 5 - Quads/Calves/Upper Abs/Cardio
    Day 6 - Chest/Shoulders/Lower Abs/Cardio
    Day 7 - Rest

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    so are you trying to get cut?? bigger?? what are your goals

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    hi, thanks for all the replies, im gonna pick and choose and maybe combine some of them

    I dont wanna get huge or anything, just cut i guess. Im a pretty thin guy so any muscle i get makes me look strong :P I just got some Crea-tech from vitamin shoppe and im gonna try that till it runs out and see how it goes. Its cheap too, 16 bucks for 2 lbs since its on sale

    Im not a big leg/cardio person because I usually play hockey a lot and that does my cardio for me.

    Does anyone know any web pages or anything that can show me some back exercises to do? I dont know many of them.


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