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    Shoulder Pain With Bench And Lateral Raises!!

    I'm having shoulder pain in the front delt with bench press and the side delt with lateral raises. Any suggestions on what I could do differently to stop this problem?


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    Well bro I have a similar problem, had to "work around" it really.

    The head of my left trap is ripped at the shoulder. Aikido accident many many years ago.

    That means that the shoulder rotator cuff doesn't get an "even pull" in certain positions. To me thats very painfull.

    I've learned to work around it.

    For example I cannot do any flat bench presses. Too painfull. But I can do incline and decline all right (at various angles).

    You're going to have to find out what causes your problem, and then "work around" it. The good thing about working around it is that your body adapts and the muscles around it compensate, and the problem muscle also grows as it gets worked out too (just not as hard).

    Of course the pain in the ass is that I will NEVER get perfect symetry, but hey..


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    If you are using a straight bar on bench try using dumbells with only moderate weight. Stop any shoulder movements that hurt. And when you get pain during a set stop that excercise and move on to the next. If you use lighter weights and ice it after workout it should come back to normal. It may take a while.

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    Welcome to F*d up world of "Rotator Cuff'dUP!"...
    I can no longer do straight bar bench and militaries! My shoulder popped while doing pushups in Oct. I couldn't workout until march, and now I can only do DB's for chest! Not that bad though because there are benefits to DB's. Becareful, because if you mess withyour labrum or tear the cuff you'll need surgery then you have a good year without working out. Do a search on cuff excercises and do them before every workout to make sure that it's warmed up and start light! Trust me bro, it set me back half a year! I had gained, naturally, about 15lbs or so in a few months just trying to get ready for a post christmas cycle, well it's june and I'm prepping for a post july one now!
    It sux, but it could be worse! Good luck and lift smart!

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