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    Cardio what a bitch

    Ok here is the question.
    20 years old 6'3 190
    Started my first cycle last week going to do 10 weeks on Enantat QV at 400mg a week.

    What would you do for terms of cardio if I am looking to gain maybe 15 pounds but I am looking more to cut! Do you think if I just kept the diet clean I would not have to mess with the cardio. Also is it worse on the heart if you do cardio while on any AS? Thanks guys

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    Whether or not you need cardio depends on your metabolism. If you're an ectomorph like Dexter Jackson, then you probably don't need it. Dexter doesn't do any cardio at all in his dieting. If you're an endomorph like me, then at some point you will have to add cardio if you want to get to a fairly low BF. IMO go as far as diet takes you before adding cardio.

    Even while on AS, i can't see cardio being anything but good for you.

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