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    Wanting to get lean

    Howdy folks,

    I've been lifting for about 2 years now and while I've seen some nice strength gains I'm really lookin to cut down on my body fat and lose some weight to show off the muscle I have. I just started my first cycle ever, and It's 20ml's of Winstrol . I'm really lookin to optimize my diet and workout plan to really cut the fat. I'm at the 2 week point in a 5 week cycle and I've already been putting up 10 to 20lbs more on every exercise. Any tips on how to really optimize my workouts to drop that fat and look my best? thanks.

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    Diet bro and alot of cardio I dont know much you are doing right now I am currently doing an hour a day then working up from there

    what does your workout look like?

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    If you can do this type of exercise, Then do interval sprints on a track for 30min. Walk the straight-a-ways and sprint the curves at the fastest pace you can go. Do this every-other-day. It will burn fat up to 24hrs after working. Running everyday is good, but bad on the knees and it only burns fat up to 3hrs after working out.

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