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    Help Me In The Name Of Steroids!!!!

    Aight guys, i have HAD IT with this shit!!! I've been lifting about a year an am about to turn 16. I have a hell of a workout schedule an lift about 3-4 days a week. I can press almost 200, an I weigh about 160. BUT IM NOT GETTING MUSCLE!!!! Its fucking pissing me off, i go into the gym and lift like hell, and every other guy in there is like "How can that kid w/ NO MUSCLE press that??!!" I'ts kinda funny but i mainly started to do this to get girls attention. But this is just ridiculous. There is my lifting schedule, Monday--Triceps an chest, Tuesday--Biceps an back., Wednesday--abs, Thursday--Legs, Friday--Abs, Saturday an Sunday I rest. I eat like 6-7 meals a day, 180g of protein, 250 g of carbs, and i am not gaining shit for muscle but i can press an lift an squat a decent amount! This has got to be the weirdest thing that has EVER happend to me. I started lifting to get a better looking body, to get girls, to live healthier, and like i said i can lift decent for my age...BUT I LOOK LIKE I COULDNT LIFT SHIT!!! Its embarrasing, but if ANYONE can explain this and help me i would appreciate this SO MUCH! Thanks alot for all the help at everybody here for this. The diet has helped, an im getting stronger, but no muscle an thats whats pissing me off...Someone, anyone please help...:-(

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    well start off by getting more protein in u. u should be taking in at least 1.5 grams of protein for every pound! on top of that ur still 15 i was not bigger than u when i was 15 and i was lifting alot more than u, but in the next 2 years of my life, i went from 155 to 195! so u have to let ur body grow, i bet ur only about 5'6, correct me if im wrong! just keep up the hard work and be patient, and dont get caught up in steroids this young!

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    Just give it some time bro. Keep eating and lifting hard and the size will come.
    Remember: Rome wasn't built over night.

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    raise the carbs up alot. and for protein do 2g for every pound u weigh, so about 320g a day for u. keep eating everything. when i was 16 i weihed about 140, im 18 not and weigh bout 160 so dont feel bad. just keep working at it. look at my threads if u wanna see what i look like. Just keep working out and eating and you'll get there. gotta be patient muscle doesnt pack on over night. and why was this thread 'in the name of steroids '?

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    man dont be dumb i was 160 when i was 15.... i am 16 and 1/2 now and I weigh 190 just stick with it and expirement with new training techniuques to shock your body with about 5000 calories a day it is the summer now so you can get a head start eating more food than your whole family combined can. One thing i think that helped me when i was 15 was i was alredy 6'1.5" now i am 6'2" so ive pretty much stopped growing taller.

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