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    problem encountered

    I just discovered that i have a condition called ulcertive culitis, it disables me from taking protein powders and all other supplements .. and the clencher i can never lift heavy again .. ya that really hurt me .. with no protein .. and not much milk products i can injest .. im going to drink soy milk to get my protein after workouts and before bed or with other meals .. what type of program could i do with light weights and still have a good build .. i was thinking that i could get down to 190 with like 6-8 % bodyfat .. but could i maintain that as my base ??? i mean my light lifting would still give me like 225 x 7 on my bench .. my squat 225 x 12 .. deadlift 275 x 10 .. and so on .. i was wondering if that would be good enough to maintain size and maybe even give me a diff. structure to my build seing as i have never lifted light .. without protein powders i am scared but i must go on .. any help on my diet to lower my bodyfat would help and on a program to lift light weights .. probably managing 3 exercises per bodypart ./ well seated for most based on the fact i cant use my core .. ( my stomach ) 2 much .. thanks to anyone .. i am really in need cause i feel like im going downhill .. just when i was at 207 lbs for the first time in my life ..

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    Well bro, I am sorry about your condition. Keep strong. Your determination is admirable. You really can achieve your goals. Just remember this fact, many of the "old school" bodybuilders in the 50's and 60's built very impressive physiques without AAS, protein supplements, or other supps. To develop a diet plan, is a very difficult thing for someone who does not understand your body. Work with someone knowledgable at your gym. They can help. A few lost facts about weight training forgotten in the muscle pages of time: Resistance training increases protein utilization efficiency. The soy protein should be good enough. Assess the value of cardio and it's potential impact on your condition. Include this. Note that we all go through these downhill slumps. My father fought a losing batting with a colon cancer and for a certain time he was able to achieve the goals he set with training. Your condition is much better. Note that someone is always going through something worse. Also, note that pro bodybuilding Mike Franceous went through the same thing. Though he doesn't look as he used to, he still looks phenominal. Hope this helps.

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    Find a gym with an indoor pool. Swim everyday. Try the butterfly stroke. That alone builds a very nice body. No heavy lifting involved.

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    steve i also was diagnosed with colitis but after the colonoscopy and all the BS it is crohn's disease, there almost the same just a different area. i am still drinking powders and eating and drinking all the same. i gotta take 12 azacol a day. when it first happened (only 3 months ago) i was really just pissed off cause im into BB. so it just determined me to lift harder. the doc i saw said nothing about diet or lifting so maybe you should get a second opinion about the weights because it hasnt effected me. I have a foot long section of my colon with ulcers all over it. Just keep your spirits high and keep lifting, just cut back on junk food if you eat any.

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