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    Question Whats the best workout for biceps an chest??!

    Im just wondering what could possibly help me get some big-ass biceps and i ripped chest so if anyone has an idea of what would gimme some good results an get them BIG i would appreciate the help alot! Another question, does creaburst help me out at all???? I mean ive been taking it for about a month but i dunno if im getting results anywhere...

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    1987, so that makes you 15, 16 years old ?? Sounds just like a high schooler - wanting biceps & a chest.

    Try working your legs for an overall frame development.

    At least you're laying off the juice.

    What's your current workout routine look like ? What kind of exercises are you doing on each workout day ?

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    Re: Whats the best workout for biceps an chest??!

    Originally posted by hoss827
    what could possibly help me get some big-ass biceps and i ripped chest
    WHAT... will get you "Big-ass bu's and chest" I know you want magic exercises, but believe me, without starting with a solid diet, any exercise you do will be for nothing.

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    Good call Key.

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    Yeah, I agree with the bros... I know you want to lift to get girls, but trust me... it is awesome you are getting into lifting, but just working your whole body and learning lots of different excercises is the way to go... size will come, but it will actually show up sooner if you are working the whole body... gotta stay balanced... and eat a LOT! Good luck bro

    Check out this link; may help for you:

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    Time is your friend here. Things take time.

    If your have just started training, i suggest doing a fullbodysplit 3 times a week. This will get your body into high gear, and you will start building a foundation.

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    Goto this website: or

    If you goto santa and ask he may deliver or if you go to the second that may also work, but until then DIET DIET DIET WORK YOUR ASS OFF! Not just your arms and chest but total boddy! Your young and if you apply these simple principals in a short time you will achieve!
    Your Diet is key! Stay away from BK or Wendy and all that crap, eat right and supplement with protein or creatine. Diet is not for weight loss! It's for a healthy bodybuilding experience... Proper workouts! Don't rock when you curl or arch when you press or bend 1/2 way when you squat... slow painful movemements! It'll all be worth it! You will notice a difference in a few months, but you will be amazed over time!
    ***Important also: NO GEAR! You're too young! Wait 8 years you'll be ok!
    Good luck and honestly, work your ass off!

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