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    Post New Training Routine.

    Day 1 = Back, Biceps, Abs + 30mins of Cardio @ 121bpm
    Day 2 = OFF day
    Day 3 = Quads, Delts, Hams + 30mins of Cardio @ 121bpm
    Day 4 = OFF day
    Day 5 = Chest, Triceps, Traps, Abs + 30mins of Cardio @ 121bpm
    Day 6 = OFF day
    Day 7 = Abs + 30mins of Cardio @ 121bpm

    on the days that i work out, i'll try & keep my carbs to about 20g pre-workout and 20g post-work out. *NOTE* i'm currently on the Atkins diet to drop from 216lbs to 200lbs so i keep my carbs around 10g / day on the days that i do not work out. i know that i will loose muscle mass doing this but i'm not worried about it. i will put the muscle mass back on after i shed the excess flab from my body.

    Protein = 300g / day
    Fats = 110g / day
    Carbs = 10g / day

    anyways, does my work out look okay or should i change it around? maybe work Biceps & Triceps together?

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    Well maybe you just forgot, but calves and soleus shouldn't be left out.

    It seems like those workouts would be rather long cuz you only weight train 3x a week. If you're gonna do weight training and cardio in the same workout, i would make sure the total of the two does not exceed 60 minutes for one workout.

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    Ya if you can do cardio after legs? i dont think your using enough intensity. when i do cardio i do it the day before/after legs

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