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    help with my workout routine

    Have been lifting for approx 10 months now. after a looooong lay off. Just thought i would through my routine out and get any suggestions i could. I am 34 yrs old. 5'9 228lbs 13% bf. diet is ok but not strict in amount of carbs (i cheat alot). I do get plenty of protein. Try to eat can of tuna or whey protein every 3 hours between my meals. This is my routine, based on 4 day workout.
    1st day: back/bis
    4 sets wide grip lat pulldowns
    4 sets close grip lat pulldowns
    4 sets seated rows
    4 sets bent over rows
    4 sets one arm rows

    4 sets barbell curls
    4 sets preacher curls
    4 sets seated incline bench curls
    4 sets reverse curls

    2nd day:chest/tri
    4 sets flat bench
    4 sets incline bench
    4 sets decline dumbell presses
    4 sets cable cross overs

    4 sets tri pushdowns on cable mach
    4 sets skull crushers
    4 sets tri ext with rope
    4 sets tri kickbacks

    3rd day: legs
    4 sets squats
    4 to 6 sets leg presses
    4 sets quad ext
    4 sets leg curls
    4 sets straight leg deadlifts
    4 sets calf raises

    4th day: delts/traps
    4 sets military presses
    4 sets front shoulder raises
    4 sets side shoulder raises
    4 sets rear shoulder raises
    6 sets shrugs

    on fifth day i listen to my body if it says rest, i rest. if it says go to the gym i start over.

    i haven't been doing any cardio. I hate it, plus my goal is putting on as much mass as possible.

    other supplements: well at this time only protein. i am in week 3 of tren /test cycle. my first. after cycle will again start on clomid, glutamine, creatine, zma, hmb, and continue the whey.

    any suggestions on above routine.

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    In m eyes you are overdoing it.
    i would never do 16 sets on biceps pr 22 sets on shoulders. I like to keep my workout under 60 minutes.

    You say you ahve been working out for 10 months. As a PT i wouldnt have let you do anything else than a full body split the first 6 months. All depending on your background ofcourse. You dont tell us if you have been active before. Something i guess you have since you are juicing allready.

    But my suggestion is cut back on the sets, limit it to max 8 sets on smaller musclegroups and 12 on bigger.

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