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    post workout activities

    Do you think it'll have any effect on my muscle's capabilities to recover if, after a hard workout, i go all out playing basketball? It's right after i take my creatine and protein. I'm thinking it might use all the protein up during basketball instead of rebuilding the muscles? What do you guys think?

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    i think your fine dude...i dont see you using up the protein playin basketball, i see you using up a good bit of carbs though...either way i think your fine..

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    Well, I know how well I did the one day I ran 3 games of 5 on 5 later on when it was Leg day Not gonna do that again.

    Bball after upper body workouts? Sure, but I'd maybe separate them by a couple hours and get a good meal in during that time you if at all possible (esp if the basketball is going to be more than one 20 mminute game or so).

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