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    T-bar row question

    Are those t-bar row machines a good workout for your lats? The ones you climb on and lean on your stomach/chest at a forward angle and then pull up on the t-bar handle.

    I come from a small gym and we didn't have one of those so I would always grab the olympic bar bell and a seated pulley row handle and rig my own up.

    What one do you think would be better.

    I think the one I rig up feels better, but I don't know if I am partial because that is what I am used to.


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    The one you talk about is good cuz you dont have to use your lower back, and there are less chance of you getting the bar up using momentum(sp?) with your body.

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    The t-bar in the corner homemade is the best..

    allows you to use free movement thus getting better stretch on the lats

    diet is the key.....

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