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    Feeling Down......

    need some advice,

    i just finished my second 10cc's of deca durabolin in may and had taken my first 10cc early last fall. The second cycle didn't work half as much as i wanted it to and i am a little frustrated. It is the worst feeling in the world being finished with juice, my workouts suck, i'm shrinking everyday, and i go crazy when my shirts aren't tight anymore. so i am going to the bahamas in 2 weeks and i want to be a lot bigger but i don't think it's a good idea to start another cycle before i go because i'm def. not lifting down there however i want to blow up prior to bahamas cause theres gonna be mad girlies there. i was thinking about taking andro pills (1-AD) but i still don't know if it's a good idea. what should i do?

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    Did you take clomid? 2 weeks you are leaving for the bahammas? Maybe take some creatine and work you ass off in the gym...that would be wishful thinking though probaly.

    Did you take clomid?

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    What are your stats? Why didn't you run test for a bulking cycle? My freind is on a deca cycle and he didn't see much gains either. I guese it also depends on your diet and workout routine.

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