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    Female Roomate Needs your help

    Hey everyone, I have a female roomate that needs some workout help.

    I have cleanup her diet for her but im not sure which way to go on the whole girl lifting weights thing...

    I will start off by saying she is 25 and 150 pounds and eats pretty well..even better now that we have tweaked her diet.

    She has been working out in the early mornings for a couple of months and has seen no results.

    This is what she is doing for workouts and I know this is where her problem is but im not sure what to reccommend to her can someone look over her plan and rip it to shreds..Please try and make it easy so she can workout 5 days a week and excercises she can do...At best she would like to muscle up a bit and lose 15-20lbs.

    Here is her current weight workout: im sure you will get a laugh

    Mon, Wed, Fri
    20-30 min cardio
    Upper body work
    -3 sets 12 reps of dumbell curls 15lbs each set
    -3 sets 12 reps of shoulder press dumbells 15lbs again
    -3 sets 12 reps of kickbacks 15lbs again
    -3 sets 12 reps of benchpress dumbells 15 lbs

    Tues, Thur
    20-30 cardio
    -3 sets 12 reps of lunges 15lb dumbells
    -3 sets 12 reps of squats 15lbs
    -adducter and inducter machine 80 pounds three sets to 12

    My first take on this is that she is not doing enough cardio and needs to challenge those muscles...She is not working them hard enough IMO.

    What is a good workout for a it any different than guys? She is just like any other girl I have ever talked to. I dont want to get big, I just want to tighten up and lose some weight...advice anyone?

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    When I first started lifting I was afraid I would get too's just myth.

    I would suggest maybe going heavier with more like 8-10 reps. Try that for a while. She should maybe change up her cardio....some days go 30min. and other days go for 45min., use different cardio machines, do some interval training. Changing it up always seems to help me as it shocks my body....keeps it guessing.

    Hope that helps her out!--Ichi

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    Assuming that those exercises are taken to exhaustion, the diet is most likely her downfall. I have not trained women, but I would recommend that she split up her workouts so she is not working a bodypart out more than twice each week. Cardio should be every day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or post workout. Maybe you should post her diet for better input.

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