I know we aren't all doctors here, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this??

In the past two weeks it has gotten progressively worse now. It seems to occur more when I am doing pressing movements(chest, especially) and also curling movements as well.
It does occur whenever I have to really grip any weight at all, but not usually enought to really "hurt" my lifts(except for those mentioned above).

I don't believe it to be a pulled muscle although I guess it could be strained a bit??

It seems that as soon as the brunt of the weight is on my arm(left arm/wrist...although it does not really matter too much which one it is),when pressing especially; my entire wrist area and up the forearm a bit; gets an dull aching sensation and it seems to affect my ability to press anything heavy anymore....

I don't know whether to take a break or to work on the wrist more(if maybe it is a strength issue in that wrist)???
I have been making pretty impressive gains recently(best I have seen in the last few years!), so I would really hate to have to take a prolonged break now...

I pretty much am forced to ask here as I am currently between jobs and lost my benefits about(take a wild guess!) two weeks ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



BTW, both parents have had carpel tunnel surgery....could it be hereditary?? Dad on both wrists at 40yo and Mom on one wrist at 40yo.....