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Thread: Chest workout

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    Chest workout

    Im 19 years old my build is pretty good I have a alright chest but my problem is that the upper part of my chest is flat what are some lifts to make it bigger.

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    No one answered you so i guess I will.

    Incline Press "straight bar or dumbell"
    Incline Dumbell Flies

    Those are prob the most common.

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    incline dumbell press =]

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    Hey there Tuff1,

    I was doing incline, flat, and decline presses (dumbbells). I used to do barbell but after switching to dumbbells I can't go back. I noticed allot of growth but not as much with upper. I was having the same problem with upper chest. I was told, by somebody here...I think BigTex, to add incline flyes and dips. I did just that and my upper chest shot out like I was hoping.

    I hope this helps.


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    I would train my upper chest first before the other areas of my chest. Always train the weakest area first to bring them up.

    Some Ideas:
    Incline Smith Machine
    Incline Flyes
    Incline DB Presses
    Incline Cable Cross Overs
    Hammer Strenght has a machine for the upper chest verry good if you have it at your gym

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