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    Thumbs up Circuit Training = Awesome RESULTS!!!

    If there's not time for cardio and you're looking to utilize both your time and preservance of muscle, there's nothing better than circuit training my man. As girly and non-testorone as it sounds, circuit training is incredibly hard on the average bodybuilder.

    Think about going from a set of 15 reps of incline dumbell press straight to 15 reps of a deadlift straight to 15 shrugs straight to 30 ab crunches, resting about 3 mins and repeating another 2 times. That's just ONE set. Sounds easy? Give it a go, but don't be a pussy with the weight.

    Here's what I use and I do absolutely NO cardio and it works wonders on both preserving and detailing muscle as well as dropping bodyfat and giving my cardiovascular system an awesome workout...

    3 sets for each exercise with all reps go 15,12,8 for each exercise...

    Workout 1 - Chest/Back/Trapz/Abs
    1) Incline Dumbell Press/Deadlifts/Undergrip Barbell Shrugs/Crunches
    2) Undergrip Barbell Rows/Flat Dumbell Flies/Overgrip Barbell Shrugs/Leg Raises
    3) Dumbell Shrugs/Flat Dumbell Press/Overgrip Barbell Rows/Kick Outs

    Workout 2 - Bi/Tri/Shoulders
    1) Barbell Curl/Tricep V-Bar Pushdown/Arnold Presses
    2) Close Grip Bench Press/Lateral Raises/Hammer Curls
    3) Military Press/Dumbell Curls/EZ Bar Nosebreakers

    Workout 3 - Legs **Just ONE Circuit for 20 reps each exercise**
    Squats/Hamstring Curls/Lunges/Calve Raises

    Day off and then repeat.

    Sounds long? But your workouts are about 30 mins and your forearm pump and overall body pump is absolutely INSANE. Give it a go for a week or two and let me know what you think....OH! And diet wise, you NEED ATLEAST 100g Carb and 300g Protein with about 75g Fat (mainly EFA) my man, or else say goodbye muscle....BUT THIS SHIT WORKS!

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    if this is what caused your arm to grow that big then i will definitly have to try this one. how many weeks have you done this workout? my impression of the post is that you work out three days in a row then take one day off. is this correct. it definitly sounds like a great work out.

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    I do curcuit training about 2 weeks every 6 months jsut to shock my body. If you think you are seeing good gains while you are circuit training then just wait untill you got back to isolated muscle workouts.

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