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    somethings wrong with y left delt

    ok before this happened, on shoulder press i was doign 100lb dumbells and could pwoer clean 225 not any records but satisfying to myself.
    then i get into a fight, and get aressted, when they put the cuffs on, they were real small, at first i felt nothing cuz i was pumped fromt he fight. then in the polcie car iwas complaining about the cuffs pulling on my arms to much. so i get out on amisdemeanor and go back out to my work out program...........i couldnt lift shit over my head! this problem has been going on for 2 months now, when ever i lift soemthing over my head i get a sharp pain in my left arm and have to immediately drop the weights....but yet my bench is ok still.
    when i do shrugs, i see my left shoulder doesnt go all the way up. so in all yuea i think i fucked up a tendon or soemthing...... any recommendations on what to do with this injury?

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    Personally I would go to my doctor and have him check it out. I would not wait on it because these things can get bad if untreated.

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    It could be the rotator culf (sp) if you are having trouble lifting your arms over your head. I would get it checked out now because it could just be sore now but you really don't want to tear it.

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