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    Experienced BB'ers....if you could do it all over again....

    I know this may sound sort of weird...but you always talk to people in business and all other aspects of life that say something to the effect of "if only i knew then what i know now..."

    Well i'm asking you experienced guys....knowing what you know there anything that you would do differently? Something you would add? I know that's pretty general...but i guess a question like this has to be.....I'm not sure if that makes 100% sense...but if it does...i'd be really interested in hearing what you have to say...


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    To answer your question all you have to do is read posts here. The lessons learned by most people through experience are bodybuilding mantra. For example, really warming up before you lift, getting your diet right, using strict form. I'm sure you've heard all this before, and some others. These are the things that people would do if they could do it all over again and that is the reason you hear this things mentioned over and over again. So train hard, train with good form, eat right, progress takes time, etc, etc.

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    diet, diet, diet. when i started i started 10 years ago i was so focused i never missed a workout, and i would be in the gym for a couple hours at a time. i remember reading over and over agin people saying that 75-90% of your training is what you eat, but for years i didnt believe it. now i have no doubt that this is true. i think if i focused on my diet better in those first years i could be a lot further along than i am now.

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