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    Will I get same result by increasing reps and lowering weights ?

    i heard there is a debate as to know if yes or not, one can gain muscle size and weight by increasing the number of reps (and lowering the weights) as long as the muscle get exhausted.

    For example, will I achieve the same biceps results if I do 13 reps with 10kgs (which is currently the maximum I can afford before my arms get totally exhauted), than if I do 26 reps with 5kgs or more reps as long as the muscle is totally exhausted and I can't lift anymore ?


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    Variety is good. Also when ppl increase reps and decrease reps, they also tend to decrease rest intervals.

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    Doing more reps with less weight will not do the same as few reps with more weight. High reps will work on endurance of a muscle, low reps works on strength. There is a relationship between endurance and strength but its not really what you are thinking.

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    True true. More reps with less weight is for cutting the muscle. If you want that lean ripped look for the muscle. More weight and less reps makes the muscle bigger and more bulky looking. Basically, get it big then cut it up or chizzle it.

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    What I like to do is one week go very heavy for all muscles then the next week go not so heavy but no so light for cutting purposes.But i always switch up my routine to shock my body.Its worked so far pretty good for me.

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    Guys Im going to start a flame here, please read though. Ok, like spot reduction, lower weight high reps (1) vs. higher weight lower reps (2), will get you the same results in the END. Anytime you exercise you increase lean muscle mass, increase metab., burn fat and obtain tone. But, the one truth to the matter is that these two, when divided up, will get you there faster, depending on the road you take. For instance if you take path (1), you will obtain tone faster, but if you take (2) you will obtain strength fast. But, no matter which one you take 1 or 2 you will end up with the same results in the END. Increased strength, size, and tone.

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