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    i need some advice

    hey everyone.. i have been lifting on and off for about 3 yrs.. i started off "pudgy" with a high bf% so i went like a crazy man running... i went from about 170 to 128 over one summer.. i was eating barely anything and running alot.. the problem was that i lost alot of my muscle mass too.. so now i am working hard to gain that mass back and even more.. i am 155 pounds right now with prob 10% bf. I have tried for the past two years to get bigger, but it seems my muscle just wont grow like they could before i lost all the weight.. i have tried creatine but it seems to have no effect and i have tried no2 which did nutin.... I have changed my routines several times but nothing seems to work. right now workout is
    mon-chest and tris
    wed- back and bis
    fri- shoulders
    I do abs 3x a week and i run 2 or 3 times week...
    i usually eat
    meal 1- 2 wheat eng muffins, granola bar, egg beaters, protein chake
    meal two- turkey sandwich (1/2 pound of it) on multi grain, peanuts, 2 rice cakes
    meal three- protein shake, rice cakes, chicken breast
    meal four- lean meat, potato, salad with italian or vinagerette (occasionally i will eat 1/2 lb of chicken instead of lean meat)
    meal five- protein bars (30 grams), chicken breast
    iit usually adds up to 180g of protein, 300grams carbs... 3000+ cals

    also when i work out my biceps, I dont even feel the burn that i got be4 i lost the it... I do the reps and the sets, however, the pump disappears quickly and they dont get stronger.. it is the same with my chest... i try to increase the weight every week but it always seems that i just cant do anymore...
    if u can tell me wuts wrong with me or whats wrong with wut i am doing i would deeply appreaciate it....

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    When I can't seem to get a pump in the gym, its a pretty good sign that my body needs extended rest.
    Try this:
    1. Take a full week off; no weights or cardio, and get lots of sleep.
    2. When you start back up, stop running, or if you insist, try HIIT. No more 30 minute jogs.
    3. Make sure you're getting carbs immediately after your workout. Try gatorade powder or dextrose (50-70 grams)

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