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    Unhappy Cutting Helpp!!!

    hey guyz......Iv'e been cutting for abt 4 weeks now. I went from 216 to 200lbs. But my waistline is the same.Althought my stomach has went in a bit. Not even once inch decrease. Waist: 39", Arms: 15", Chest: 44", Calves: 18". My bf is 22.5%. Can some one please, help me out, suggest me some tips, wut I should do. ( Oh yeah I'm using Xenadrine, with ephedrine. ) >?


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    The two most important factors in cutting are proper diet and cardio. Make sure your diet is in good form, easy on the Carbs. Secondly, how much cardio have you been doing? You might be disappointed with the waist line not changing, but it does seem as though you are headed in the right direction. Just keep up the hard work, and stay focused.


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    Look at your progress overall. An acurate bodyfat reading will tell you how much you're losing and if you're losing muscle too. The worst thing you can do is to sabotage your metabolism by cutting your calories beyond your daily need. A thermogenic can help spare muscle, however you have to use them correctly and with caution if your medical history warrants. If you have lost 19 lbs in a month and your lean mass is unchanged then good, however, if you're losing muscle then you're changing your metabolism permanently. Eat every 3 hours, lean protein, moderate carbs based on your activity needs and consume a fibrous fruit or veggie also. Keep your carb intake low glycemic, and to a very minimum at night if you're not real active. Good Luck

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