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    Injured my arm, now I am not sure what to do!

    Well I was being dumb and arm-wrestling now I injured my arm and I am paying for it, it hurts deep inside where my forarm connects with my bicep. I took a week off from working out and then the next week I didn't do anything to irritate it, but I am going on the fourth week and it was going away but now it has kinda come back. If I shift the gears in my car to hard it hurts! What gives, how long do I need for this to heal and go away, is there anything I can take to speed it up??

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    I would suggest going into a doctor and having him take a look at your arm.

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    you might have a slight tear in the muscle or tendon. try some msm, its a natural anti-inflammatory and most people swear by it. doctors say its better to break a bone then tear a tendon b/c it takes a lot longer to heal.

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    I had to do 8 weeks worth od deca shots in mine before it healed. It may never get better until you let it reat a while as well.

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    Get your doc to hook you up with Vioxx. I have found it to be very effective.

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    You should see an MD if the pain is persistant, however if you have a tendon strain (most likely) then only an MRI will tell you for sure and I bet the MD will tell you first to ice it 20 minutes twice a day, perhaps give you some anti inflamatory (yes perhaps Vioxx), and schedule some rehab. If it is not better in 6-8 weeks then they'll perform an MRI and reevaluate and perhaps in a worst case offer surgery.

    Personally I've seen and experienced tendon strains that have lasted as long as 9 months or more, simply because we start training just a bit too early or just don't let the connective tissue heal. Give it some time and work around the injury. Then start with some light wrist curls and work your way to hammer curls, then to other bicep/forearm exercises, but start light and perform full rom exercise.
    Continue to train

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