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    working out 2 times a day ? ? ? ?

    Well I go to the gym monday to thursday mandatory but if im bored ill go the rest of the week.

    Monday : chest, triceps
    Tuesday: Back, Bicep
    wednesday: shoulders, traps
    thursday : Legs
    I work out at 2 o'clock pm

    Now my question is. Would it be ok to work out in the morning with a bowflex just doin light weight and then go to the gym at 2pm...Will it hurt my muscles if i work them out 2x times a day..once at 8am and then again at 2pm?



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    You won't make better progress by working out the same muscle group twice per day. It will probably lead to overtraining and excessive fatigue.

    If you think that you have enough energy to work the same muscle 2x per day, then maybe your workouts in the gym aren't intense enough. Try increasing your volume.

    If you want to work out more, try a 5 day split, i.e.:
    1. Chest
    2. Back
    3. Legs
    4. Shoulders
    5. Arms
    6, 7. Off
    Or if you're feeling very energetic, a 6 day split:
    1. Chest/Back
    2. Legs, Shoulders
    3. Bi's, Tri's
    4. Chest, Back
    5. Legs, Shoulders
    6. Bi's, Tri's
    7. Off
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