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    Dumbell Presses vs. Flyes for MASS (not definition)

    I've read several places that if you want to grow a big chest, do not do flyes; just concentrate on heavy pressing movements. But, lately I've heard several people say, in order to get good mass, you must do flyes to build a massive chest.

    What are your thoughts on using flyes for gaining chest mass? Are they necessary or are flyes just a finishing excercise?

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    I have wondered the same thing, and a few ppl I have talked to say that flyes are good for mass because you can contract the muscle easier throughout the whole movement and you can really stretch the chest. As far as being better I don't know, I do both.

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    For me, variation is the backbone of a good workout routine. I think fly's are best implemented following compound chest exercises such as incline barbell presses and db flat presses. I believe fly's are best used as an exhuasation exercise at the end of an intense chest workout.

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    i think heavy db flyes are a good tool in building a good chest, and shouldnt be counted out. we had a similar discussion over here
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