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    home gym how are they?

    i just bought a home gym from a friend of my father and havent put it all togther its also a real pain in the A$$ to get unloaded from a truck cuz its got the cable pulling brick kinda weights and first i unloaded a 220 then another 220 and then a 500 off the back end of the truck and got my hand jamed in the thing once. I suggest never ever get your hand jamed in one of those it hurts lol but it has like all the stuff leg press bench decline incline anything and its a home gym like the kind out of a gym not a lame bowflex i dunno those bowflex's may work but i doubt it but mines a real gym thing and its heavy as hell but i was wondering bros do you thing that i am set for work outs or should i just go to a gym cus before i got my home gym which isnt put togther yet and takes up alot of room but i also have a regular bench with bar and a curl bar 4 sets of dumbells and around 400lbs of regular free weight and cool thing bout the home gym it comes with 1,500 worth of weight my father says i am serious set more then most grow ppl are and more set defiantly then my friends but i want your opinion on all this

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    The debate between home gym and public gym is relative. It really depends on the individual. Some people need other people around to motivate them and some people prefer that nobody be around them when they work out.

    It sounds like the equipment that you have will be good enough to last you a while. Just make sure you know how to use everything properly. Some people prefer free weights over cable machines also. Most people believe that you can gain strength with the cable machines but not much size.

    I have my own home gym because it's cheaper than membership dues, I don't need to be around other people in order to motivate myself and I have no excuses to not go to the gym.

    I have a smith machine with cross cables, a tread-mill, a recumbant bike, rectangle dumbles, and assorted bars, such as e-z curl, short streight bar, long streight bar, tricep bar, etc. The only thing I'm missing is a leg press, but a knee injury keeps me from doing much leg work anyway. (Just so you get an idea of what a full home gym is like).

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    I have a home gym, like most of a whole gym. Powerhouse had an auction, they were selling the nautilus 1st gen machines for like $50, they are old and huge, but they kick ass. I like working out by myself, no distractions, pure concentration, plus I'm not worried about embarrassing myself, or worse hurting myself trying to impress other people.

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