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    Hyperextended elbow, have workout question

    Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I got a hyperextended elbow playing hockey, its healing up real well, and I started working out again. The only thing that hurts it is doing flat bench, incline bench, and decline. I usually use dumbells, but I cant do that since I get a pinch on my left arm and cant do the bar because I have no one to spot me (i dont like to ask people either). Are there any alternative exercises I can do for them so I dont keep on shrinking?


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    I Feel You On This One, I Suffered An Elbow Injury As Well About Two Months Ago And It Affected Almost Every Push Exercise I Did.. What I Did Was Stay Out For About A Week And Buy A Elbow Brace, I Dont Know If Your Gym Has Those Hammer Strength Press Machines Where You Just Place Plates And You Sit On Them. Some Gyms Have Incline, Decline And Flat.. Also Cable Flyes Might Help Or Assisted Dips On The Machine.. Some Ideas There.. Good Luck

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    Take some more time off. Take a 10-days CNS recovery period. Eat like you're training, but just rest at home. Even your neurons need a rest from time to time, not just your muscles brah. But if not, check with a physiotherapist and get some easy workouts from him/her OR start training with a friend.

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