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    What are the benefits?

    I'm 24 yrs old. 5'9" 185 lbs. with about 15% bf. Bodytype: ectomorph

    I am currently on this routine (recommended to be by members of this board):

    MON Chest, Calfs
    TUE Shoulders, Forearms
    WED Triceps, Abs
    THUR Legs, Calfs
    FRI Back, Forearms
    SAT Biceps, Abs
    SUN Off

    4 exercises per body part, 4 sets per exercise, 10-15 reps (depending on exercise and body part)

    I know that many people work out to a routine very similar to this. All my life, especially throughout high school, I would workout like this:

    MON Chest, triceps, shoulders
    TUE Legs, Back, biceps
    WED Rest
    THUR (repeat MON)
    FRI (repeat TUE)
    SAT Rest
    SUN Rest

    so going from one to the other has been hard for me. I have been on the first routine for about 4 months. The only great gains from it have been from my biceps and triceps and that I have dropped 8lbs of fat. Could it be that I'm overtraining in the sense that I still pretty new to bodybuilding and too many exercises can be confusing to the body, rather that overtraining in the sense that I'm doing to much?

    I would like to know what are the benefits of the the second routine and maybe I could come up with a mix of both 1 and 2. I just feel like there is too much time between my work outs of each body part, that it feels more like maintenence, rather that growth.

    I guess the second routine is geared primarily for strength? I would like to do a routine like this:

    MON Chest, back, calfs
    TUE Shoulders, biceps, forearms
    WED Legs, triceps, abs
    THUR (repeat MON)
    FRI (repeat TUE)
    SAT (repeat WED)
    SUN Rest

    3 exercises per body part, 4 sets per exercise, 10-15 reps (depending on body part and exercise)

    Does anyone see any benefits to this routine? I don't mind working out 6 days a week, and my diet is 50% protein, 40% carbs, and 10% fats.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Bro I personally don't like either program. You are working out way to much if you ask me. Some like that but I personally wouldn't make much progress on a program like that. One could definetly be overtrained on a program like this.

    What do you think of something like this?

    Monday Chest and bis
    Tues. Back and tris
    Wed. off
    Thrusday Shoulders and traps
    Friday Legs
    Sat. off
    Sun. off

    Calves you do with legs and chest, abs back and shoulders. When I was beginning I used this program and I grew like a weed.

    Drop the reps to 6-10 and don't do more then 12-15 sets per large body part and 8-10 sets for a small bodypart.

    Remember you don't grow in the gym you grow while you rest.

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