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    Difference between Women and Men exercises

    Has anyone here got any good sources were I can get info relating to Women exercises in particular.
    For instance exercises at the gym or anything like that.
    I know they're the same as men, but what are some goals women have which difer to men?


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    women exercises? is there such a thing? I think I remember in anatomy class that most of the muscles between both sexes are the same 8).

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    All of the excercises are the same between men and women, the only difference is the way a woman should work out. It also depends on what the woman is trying to do (slim down, bulk up, or tone up).

    Let me know which one and I can give you an idea of how she should be working out.

    The anatomy is basically the same between the sexes, but the body chemestry is way different. For example, we both have muscle tissue and the tissue works the same way and rebuilds itself the same way, but there are certain things in the male body chemestry that allow us to get more muscular, the main one being testosterone . And women don't have testosterone in there chemistry. Women have a close relative to testosterone, called progesterone. So, because of chemistry differences, women have to work out differently in order to bulk up or tone up. Also, women store fat differently than men do, and generally easier than men do.

    So, just let me know what the goal is (to slim down, to bulk up, or to tone up), and I can give you some idea of what she has to try to do to acomplish it.

    The last part of your question......Because women tend to store fat easier, and most societies see beauty as being thin (for women), women tend to aim for sliming down and/or toning up.

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