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Thread: Pinched Nerve

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    Pinched Nerve

    Do any of you guys get these? I have aggravated a pinched nerve in my neck / upper trap area for the third time in 3 months. It sucks! The past two times it got better in a couple days, but this one is taking a bit longer. I usually take Alleve as an anti-inflammatory for several days and this does the trick. Each time it is a little worse though, with pain when I turn my head to either side or tilt back. And each time I take it easy, take my pills , and wait for the pain to subside. And then it happens again a couple weeks later. Mostly it comes suddenly, with pain and stiffness in the neck when I wake up one morning.

    I think it is related to squatting, because it hurts in the same place where the bar usually sits. The first two times this happened, it was just in the neck, but this time I have a constant ache that goes out into my left trap and the back of my shoulder joint. I did stop working out so I would not aggravate it further. I even cut out squats completely after the last time - so that isn't even a factor in the latest chapter.

    This most recent episode began a week ago, and it is much better, but I am wondering what anyone else' experiences are with this. It comes at a bad time too, as I am in PCT - well 5 weeks out, but in an extended PCT. That is in another thread. I know it will just take some time to heal completely, but I hate not being able to do anything. Do you guys know if I am particularly susceptible to injury with lower test levels? Or is it just a coincidence? If anyone else here has had this, I am interested to know what your treatment was, and how long? I have spoken with a doctor (my father), and am convinced that it is not really serious, but it is frustrating just the same.


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    Pain and stiffness in the morning is probably more than a pinched nerve. You may have strained one or some of the smaller muscles in that area that are mainly used to maintain posture.

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    Hey testify. I am in therapy for almost your exact same problem except I believe mine is a little more serious. I actually feel pain in the same places as you but also into my side and front deltoid, pectoral, and elbow all on my left side. My sports therapist told me its due to a vertabre out of allignment in my neck. Im in therapy now and Ill keep you posted. It sux so bad huh. Its almost like you feel fine to work out up intil you start than you cant workout cause its to uncomfortable. nothing against your fater but I did the same thing you are doing now. I waited 8 months thinking it would get better and it didnt. Get to a sports medicine doctor as soon as possible man. P.M. me if you get a chance.

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    I think you should see a chiropractor. You can have a vertibrea that's out of place, a slip disk, or maybe a ruptured disk. A chiropractor is the person that specializes in the spine. You can also go the rout of a sports therapist, but I don't think they can do anything for short term treatment like spinal manipulation.

    Since it keeps comming back, it doesn't sound like waiting for it to go away is the best thing to do.

    Good luck

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    Test, any numbness in either arm or fingers?

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