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    Question for boxers

    What's up bros? As you guys can tell from my posts I'm all over the place, I'm trying hard to get back into shape but I'm confused on how to get there. Anyway I have a couple questions for some of you fellas that have competed in boxing before or know how to develop a workout for boxers:

    1) I plan on running 5 days a week for miles (starting at 1 and moving my way up). But in addition I plan on doing sprints as well. My questions are: How many days should I do sprints a week? I was thinking 1,2, or 3 but I thought 1 wouldn't be enough and 3 would be overtraining so I figured 2 would be good. Do you guys agree, disagree? My other questions are a) should I do them before I run my mile work or after? Should I do them the same days I run my mile work or days I don't do mile work?

    2) Is 4 times a week lifting too much? Or should I cut back to 2-3?
    I plan on doing this:

    Day 1
    Dumbell Press
    Incline dumbell press
    Incline Flys
    Tricep Pushdowns

    Day 2
    Leg curls
    Leg extensions
    Calf raises
    Back Hyperextions

    Day 3
    Barbell Shrugs
    Military Press
    Lat raises
    Neck Machine
    Bent over lat raises

    Day 4
    Barbell curl
    Reverse curls
    Hammer Curls
    Forearm curls
    Lat pull downs
    Chin ups
    Seated Machine rows

    All exercises 10,8,6,4,2 or failure except calf raises and forearms which will be 5 x 15. Is this too much for someone boxing 5 days a week?

    Sorry guys I don't mean to be a pain but I'm really messed up on how to go about this.

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    You really need a trainer. A trainer can see you, see how you look, determine what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. It's not something that can really be done on-line. Every boxer has their own trouble spots and their own strong points. The way you workout really depends on where you stand with stamina, power (not the same as strength in the boxing world), speed and endurance (not the same as stamina). And most boxers really don't use very much resistance training.

    I don't think any of us here can really give you a good answer to that question without knowing the whole picture.

    In general terms, most people that want to get into boxing have to work on thier stamina first. That would include jogging, doing sprints, jump rope, etc. You have to build your foot movement, so jump rope is very important. Start with regular jump rope in the same spot. When you're comfortable with that, move side to side. Then start making clockwise circles as you jump and counter clockwise circles. Then you can do all out "dancing" while jumping rope. If speed is an issue, more sprints can help. If stamina is more of an issue then more long jogs are more helpful. The training excercises that are used to build speed and stamina are usually enough to build a boxer's power. Bulking up usually (almost always) slows down a boxer, so you should stay at your natural weight. Very few boxers have been able to succesfully move up in weight class.

    Once again, I suggest getting a trainer.
    Good luck though.

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    Anyone else?

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    If your a boxer I imagine you have a boxing gym to train at to begin with right? Why don't you have them help you out? They should be telling you what to do to beging with. I am not a boxer but I do Muay Thai. I train Thai 4 days a week and weight train the other 3. I run on my Muay Thai days two days of just slow jogging and I do sprint training on the other two try doing some traning like jogging for 30 seconds and sprinting for 30 seconds and back and forth for a few miles. It trains you like a fight because you go all out in burst. No fight is slow all the way threw ya know? Well not a good one. You also have to know that doing both boxing and bodybuilding you won't progress very well as if you were focused on just one. I am thinking of quiting Muay Thai as there are far to many injurys occuring when you fight and it hurts progress very fast! Good luck I hope I helped

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