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    Angry HELP PLEASE! 1set Muscle Fatigue :S

    Ive notice, the first set I do my muscles would start to stiff and burn.. each set after my muscle gets softer and softer again.

    The first few times i work out, it was all great the after that everything went down hill with this for the last year.

    Im pretty sure my muscle fatigue quick like 1 set.

    Trained starting off weighing 132lbs for first 3 weeks, felt like another month and i would be on a magazine... (i thought i was a natural genes the way i was going for the 3 weeks, body really changed tramaticly!!) one time i done 10 sets of 15reps barcurl and muscle fetigue never occured at all...

    anyways after that, didnt feel the workout anymore, so i worked out higher weights and strict body posture and ate harder...

    2months later.
    I was 154lbs
    max bench of 176lbs
    max barcurl of 77lbs

    after a year of trying everything .. that i kinda gave up, i think my body only feels the first set of weight and pass that first set, it dont feel anymore and feels so soft like i wasted my time and no gains what so ever

    now a year later after giving up.

    im now 138lbs and back. Gave it a go at even light weights half of what i did for barcurls and felt 1set then 2nd set half of it thne the rest fatigued

    What is wrong with my body... :S i always thought it was body posture and me not strong enough but clearly with good body posture.. very very strict form.. im strong for my weight..

    Why Why Why Why..
    How do i beat muscle fatigue.. sure i can try like 20lbs barcurl or somethng but i wont feel it at all.

    It either has to be my diet, not enough of something or im not fit enough.

    maybe im not fit enough? other then that i give up with ideas why

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    i don't really know what to tell could possibly be your diet, do you eat before you work out?

    i always like to get a small meal in about an hour or so before a workout, try to make it high in carbs and protein

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    id go with poor nutrition.

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    Sounds to me like you may not be warming up properly and doing too many reps.

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