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    my chest workout

    this is my chest workout plz comment it :

    1-incline barbell bensh press 1 warmup set,3 sets
    2-incline dumbbell press 3 sets
    3-incline fly 4 sets
    4-pec dec 4 sets

    i am 6.1' 220lbs

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    I assume you're trying to bring up your upper chest - that being said, i would think you should add in some flat or decline bench, rather than doing all inclines and one pec dec. If you're working on upper chest, do it first when you can push the most weight, but don't ignore the other exercises...hope that helps.

    I switched chest routines a while ago, after focusing on incline movements for so long. One thing that worked really well for me was supersetting incline DB press and incline db flys. A few sets of those and i'm fried...

    good luck bro -

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