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    Anyone into Wrestling, Aikido, Hapkido, Grappling???

    If so what exercises or functional routines do you guys follow??? I know there is a lot of cardio involved in wrestling and I have been told to do a lot of grip work for the other three but what else??? I have been told that things like pullups, closegrip presses, dips, deadlifts, farmers walks, squats and things of that nature are good as well for strength in these areas. The reason I ask is because I do variations of all of these in my job from time to time. I want to use my weight training to make me stronger in these areas. I am by no means a martial artist or wrestler but I do use a few wrestling moves, joint locks(aikido, hapkido), and take downs(grappling) from time to time at work. I am a deputy sheriff that works in the county jail, so you know why I ask. I am just curious how to curve my training somewhat in that area to maybe help improve on some of this, to make me more functional.

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    I do alot of grappling, wrestling training, jiu jitsu training. My weights training is kept to 1 session a week as i train every day for the above.
    My weights sessions consist of deadlifts, benchpress, chinups. kneck work, gripwork and farmers walks (sandbags etc). For gripwork, i tend to use things like thick bar holds ( timed ). this is because in grappling you need to hold your grip for long periods of time as well as being vice tight.

    I sometimes add stiff legged dead's to work hamstrings.

    Hope this helps.

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    I was in tae kwon do for two years, and jujitsu for 2 years. Hapkido is the two combined and they're great! You'll get a very good cardio workout in any of those.

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    I train 4x a week fighting, 2 days grappling, 2 days muay thai and 4x a week weights. Fight training in the AM, weights at night.

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