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    workout suggestions on the juice?...

    I am going to start a cycle of QV Test250 and Dbol and was curious as to what workout programs helped you get more gains, i.e how many days a week, what muscles, how long of a workout, cardio, etc..

    right now my routine is like this:

    Mon - Chest, Triceps, Abs
    Wed - Bicep, Back, Abs
    Fri - Legs, Shoulders, Abs

    Cardio and some abs on off days also

    I am currently 6'1" 183lbs and would like to be around 195lbs when done

    Any ideas/advice/suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

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    Since you're doing a cycle, I assume you already have a number of years of serious training under your belt. I use a 7 day split, giving each body part its own day. This allows you to give more attention to each part and develop a more rounded physique. My split is:

    M - off
    T - legs
    W - shoulders
    R - Arms
    F - off
    S - Back
    S - Chest

    There are many ways to do it, and everyone has their own opinion - and sets of proirities that must be scheduled around - but the premise is the same. Every muscle group gets its own day.

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