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    Need help with motivation

    Hey whats up guys and gals I am having the hardest time getting going again. About 8 months ago I broke my wrist in an Ultimate Fighting Competition and ever since I have not been able to do anything with my left arm. So I have continued to sit at home on my ass and as of now I have gone from 220 to 190 and my pecks are gone everything and now I have a gut that I have never had before. You would think that would be enough motivation to get out and move my ass but its not! Calling on the help of this board anybody else been in a similar situation and if so how did you get over it! Thanks everybody

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    Well... while you sit around everyone else is pushin' their bodies till they burn with agonizing pain that can only mean one thing: GROWTH! So sit around while everyone else hits their goals and keeps gettin' in better shape than you... How's that?

    Whenever I hear someone (not someone overtrained but rather someone who simply lacks motivation) tell me "Ahhh - yeah... I'm going to the gym today... but I am just going to do a little this... and a little that... and then take off..." I always say, "Good - you'll see me in their too - repeatly pounding my muscles until blood splats on the mirror!" It's actually helped people go to the gym with a better attitude.

    Another thing I say when someone says they plan on missing a workout is, "Are you starting to miss showering too?" You should think in terms of basic hygiene - your body was designed to be worked.

    Try looking into new routines and theories and getting a training book to start logging your progress - it helps make results more gratifying when you write them down - plus you then have a physical schedule to adhere to. Columized Money Ledgers work great - you can usually find them at any office supply store.

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    So u lost your fire and u want it back....well for starters I would set simple goals and try my best to bust thru they asap....remember what got your fire started in the 1st place.....u been sitting around for awhile so u sure u lost motivation or have u lost your dedication....this is a way of life for me, sure it's hard work, but that's what sets us apart from other people....I just don't understand how losing your muscle and getting a gut is not enough to get back at it.

    Either u want this to be apart of your life or u don't, that's a choice, and the choice is up to you......which do u want?

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