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Thread: need 20's

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    need 20's

    I was wondering if you could help I've been
    stuck with 17in arms for about a year and i
    was wondering if anyone could help
    I've been training for about 2 1/2 years and I'm
    natural and my arms heal super fast but aren't getting
    any bigger

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    Normally, when a person gets stuck at a certain point, you just have to switch the rutine up for a little while. Then you have the fact that you only have but so much pontential.

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    AZ to MA...depends on whe
    how old are you?

    try mixing up your routine...try adding 21s, or drop sets, or forced reps...even a simpler change is doing new exercises...

    if all you do is str8 bar curls, db curls, etc...try adding in twists, such as incline DB curls or DB preacher curls, try a new creative and switch it up for a while...

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