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    possible overtraining, please critique

    whats up guys?
    heres my routine:

    sun- back, tris
    mon- chest, bis
    tues-abs, shoulders, legs
    wed- back, tris
    thurs- chest bis
    friday- abs
    saturday off
    sunday: start all over again

    i pretty much only have two days rest between each body part. which i would like a little more rest, but i have to do it around my work schedule. anyways if i rest any longer than 3 days between each part, i feel like i have to be at the gym. i fear that im overtraining, but i dont really show any signs. im just worried that maybe my muscles arent getting enough time to recooperate, but i still always feel pretty good. it would be nice to work one body part a day, but when i do that i am so eager to get into the gym, and i dont think i would feel as i would be gettting as hardcore of a workout. its kind of a mental situation, i have been so used to only resting 2 days between a workout, it would just be hard for me to believe that resting 5 days would do my muscles better. any advice would greatly been appreciated. thanks alot.

    justin g.

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    If you think you may be overtraining, you probably are overtraining. A large part of overtraining is mental. Physically speaking, if you are consistantly making gains in strength then you're not overtraining and you are getting enough rest. When I had a workout schedule like yours, I would quickly reach a point that I wasn't making any gains, because I wasn't resting enough, but people are different and nobody can tell you how long you should be resting. Also, when you're feeling really eager to get back to the gym, just remember that you grow while you're at home resting and eating, not when you're in the gym.

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    You are very likely overtraining. I had a split similar to yours not too long ago, and while it worked out for a few weeks, it very quickly resulted in me burning out. You need at least two days off to rest your body. It's not going to grow without the chance to recuperate. Either take Sat and Sun off, or mix in your rest days. Best of luck to you.

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    yea, definitely take a little more rest...switch up your training split if you have to.

    my advice would be to hit each body part twice every 10-12 days, rather than twice every 6 days like you have it now. see how you respond to that and re-evaluate...

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    Listen to what your body is tellin u, every one is different, so take a rest, change ur routine. get more sleep, rest will help.

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