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    question about my workout

    Day 1(usually Monday)
    Dumbell Bench Press or Dumbell Incline Press*-3x5
    Military Press-3x8
    Closegrip Incline or Closegrip Bench**-3x10
    Decline Situps-3x25
    *I alternate my dumbell bench press and dumbell incline every two weeks
    **I alternate my closegrip inclines and benches every two weeks. If I do dumbell bench press then I use closegrip inclines, if i do dumbell incline then i use closegrip bench press

    Day 2(Usually Wednesday)
    Pullups*-3x8(add weight as needed)
    Standing Barbell Curl-3x8
    *I alternate my pullups every two weeks. I use widegrip pullups, reverse grip chinups and supinated grip pullups.
    **I alternate the type of row every two weeks, I use barbell, T-bar, Dumbell, and seated cable rows in the rotation.

    Day 3(Usually Friday)
    Squat-3xWhat ever I feel like lol, I use 20 reps, 12 reps, 8 reps, 5 reps, and 3 reps, just depends on how I feel.
    Leg Curls-3x8
    Seated Calves-3x20
    Decline Situps-3x25

    been doin this for 2 mnths, did notice some changes, and feels chest grows the fastest, however my arms ti due to not enough excersise? help

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    My opinion on this, seems like you might not be doing enough for arms. Try switching up your routine - you could consider giving arms their own day for a while - or just add exercises to your current routine.

    My personal split, as my arms were having problems growing too -

    Day1: Chest/bis
    Day2: Back/Traps
    Day4: Shoulders/Tris
    Day5: Legs
    Day7: repeat

    On a given day, such as for chest/bis - i'll do 4 exercises for chest (3-4 sets of each exercise) and follow up with 3 exercises (3-4 sets per exercise) for bis.

    Just some thoughts bro...i hope others will critique this as well...

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    Swellin Guest
    I would agree with are not doing that much for your arms. Several of your other movements give your arms some attention, but very little focus on the arms.

    I have used a split similar to the one cb mentioned, but I chnage mine pretty regularly to keep interested. I also modify it based on injury or lagging areas.
    Right now I have changed a little due to an elbow problem, but here it is..

    Monday: chest
    Tuesday: back
    Wednesday: shoulders
    Thursday: bi's / tri's supersets
    Friday: legs

    Another area that varies greatly for each individual is the number of sets per muscle group that an individual can work, without overtraining. I used to overtrain arms, then I had trouble with tendonitis. Now I do 12 sets per muscle group. Sometimes I will add a set or two on a different finishing movement. I might even up the set number for larger muscles.

    Good luck.

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    i added 1 excersiese for bi's

    1 mroe for chest, and 1 for tri's

    see wut happneds

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