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    please comment on this workout

    please critique my workout!
    Any comments welcome!

    Shoulders, biceps:
    shoulder press behind head, sets: 12,10,8,8
    Side raises : 12,10,8
    front raises: 12,10,8
    Shoulder shrugs: 12,10,8,8
    Bicep Preacher curl: 10,10,8
    twisting dumbbell curls 12,10,8

    Flat bench press: 12,10,8,8
    slightly upright bench press: 12,10,8,8
    Cable crossovers: 12,10,8
    Pec dec: 12,10,8
    overhead tricep extensions: 12,10,8
    dips: 12,10,8
    Tricep pushdowns: 12,10,8

    Squats: 12,10,8,8
    leg curls: 12,10,8,8
    leg extensions: 12,10,8
    seated calf raises: 12,10,8
    standing calf raises: 12,10,8

    Front pulldowns: 12,10,8,8
    lateral pulldowns: 12,10,8,8
    seated rows: 12,10,8
    standing rows: 12,10,8
    situps with 10k weight on chest: 15,12,10,8
    Leg raises: 16,14,12,10
    crunches: 30,30,30,30

    What do you all think?
    Am i over training? undertraining?

    Please comment


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    on the net
    it looks ok......What is your history as far as how long you've been working out and what are your stats?

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    Personally I wouldn't do delts before chest....just seems to take away to much from my chest workout.....I prefer chest the 1st day of the week.....Give some history and stats bro.

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    Swellin Guest
    You are doing 14 sets for chest, shoulders, and back. You are doing 9 sets for tri's and 6 sets for bis. I realize that you get a pre-exhaustion on bis from working back, and the same goes for tris and chest.

    Everybody is different, so you may be is hard for me to say. This would not be overtraining for me...I need to do a minimum of 12 sets per body part. Of course I break it down and do one body part per day. I try to stay in the 15-20 set range.

    It looks pretty good. I think is is more of a middle of the road work out...not too cut oriented, but not too bulk oriented either. I guees for a quality critique, we would need a little more info about your training experience, your stats, and your goals.

    How much time are you spending in the gym on those days?

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    Sep 2003
    Im 23 been back in training for 11months and weigh 160lbs.
    im 5,9".

    Im spending no more than an hour on the workout.
    My goals are for MASS.
    Im about to start a sus cycle for 10weeks at 500mg per week may bump it to 750mg.

    Now that you have some more info about me, would you change my workout to make sure im not overtraining or undertraining?


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    Swellin Guest
    If you are serious about gaining mass, I would drop the number of reps just a bit, and up the weight so that you can barely get the last reps. I would continue upping the wieght as my strength increased. Each person's body responds differently to the number of reps and sets.
    You need to train longer before starting your cycle. You owe it to yourself to find out what your body likes best before trying the sust.
    You really need to experiment with different programs and find how your body responds to the different workouts.
    If you have only been training for 11 months, you can play around with your workout and diet, and possibly gain as much as you would from a cycle right now.

    I would really recommend you working out for a while longer before starting any juice...but that is not what you asked..just trying to help.

    Try posting your stats and projected cycle over in the steroid section. Listen to the guys...they might be a little unpolished, but they certainly won't tell you wrong..they know their stuff.

    Good luck.

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