I was at the gym on Wednesday doing 90lbs standing ez-bar barebell tricep press....then did 105 no problem
was feeling strong and I guess my ego was at full tilt, so I decided first time ever to try 115lb.....we on the 3rd rep bringing it down, it felt like my right tricep exploded...funky noises and incredible surge of pain. I immediatley put the barebell down and felt my elbow and lower part of my tricep fill up with fluid.

Went to the doc yesterday and took a xray....he said it wasn't torn off the bone and would eventually heel. He said keep it in a sling for 2 weeks and come back to see him......he gave me Vioxx or some shit to take.

Was just wondering if any of you guys ever tore a tri and what was the recovery like? It fuckin' hurts like hell right now! I'm pretty bumbed out right now cause I don't know if my tri will ever be the same.

Also should I request a MRI just for piece of mind or take the docs word it's ok based on the xray?